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Halebeedu Off-road Trip

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[How to do the TRIP ? in 8 Steps]

Trip Highlights

1. Trip Highlights

Drive through ...

1. lush green fields

2. some area of jungle strip

3. beautiful and huge lake

4. lush green farming around the lake

5. beautiful photography spots

6. highly-rated restaurants ..

7. .. with well maintained restrooms

8. mini-shopping areas

9. beautiful avenue plantations on the highway

10. petrol stations at a lot of places.

How to Reach

2. About Halebeedu and the Trip

We don't want to teach the history of Halebeedu to you. Why Halebeedu:

1. Fantastic architecture.

2. Fantastic maintenance of the place and monuments.

3. Cleanliness and greenery are well maintained inside the monument place. 

4. Read about Halebeedu history here.

Friends/Solo/Family? All 3 can go.

3. Food joints

It is Bangalore-Mangalore Highway. There are a ton of restaurants to choose from.

Non-veg lovers:

1. Murali Military hotel (Kripal Amanna verified)

Youtube Link: Murali military hotel (Food ratings - Mutton Meal: 8/10, Mutton Chops: 8/10 , Mutton Pepper Dry: 10/10)

2. Empire restaurant (Personally verified - Veg options are very negligible. Tandoori chicken is good.).

If you have a vegetarian family member , DO NOT go here.


Vegetarian restaurants

1. Anagha Grand Veg Restaurant (Personally verified - Liked it very much)

2. Paakashala (Personally verified - Bangalore branches, amazing curd rice)

3. Hotel Dhruvataare

4. Swathi delicacy

5. Kicchana Halli Mane hotel 

And Many more. 

No food zone

1. But once you cross Hassan and enter into Halebeedu road, you wont have any restaurants.

2. Even in Halebeedu there are no good restaurants to eat. In Hassan town, the restaurants might be closed due to Corona restrictions. Call the restaurants twice, if they don't pickup, don't go there. It might most probably be closed.

Road side Foods

You wont get any exotic foods or hidden gems on the way. May be a few maize shops on the roadside if you're fond of them.

Food and restaurants are good. How good? Check ratings.

Food and restaurant rating: Unlock ratings (x /10)

4. Photo points & Things to Do

  1. Adagooru Lake (Map Co-ordinates)

  2. Marigold Farm (Map Co-ordinates)

  3. The actual Drive (Video with highway full of flowers - Unlock)

  4. Food on road side (Maizes, Keera, Guava)

  5. Halebeedu monument (Unlock or find them for Free on Google)

  6. Drive to chikkamagaluru (Beautiful cloudy mountains - Unlock for photos)

  7. Chikkamagaluru (Biker's cafe)

Photo points and Things-To-do are good. How good? Check ratings.

Photo point ratings: Unlock ( ? /10)

Photos : Unlock

5. Restrooms

Restroom located outside the restaurant:

  1. Empire restaurant restrooms

  2. Anagha grand veg restaurant

Restroom located inside the restaurant:

  1. Coffee Day

They are all very good. Check ratings also?

6. Safety issues

Family Safety: Its absolutely safe to travel with family through the off-road.

The locals are very friendly. There are no dark spots (as in ,any incidents reported before).


Walk into farms?: You can stop your vehicle by the road and take pictures near the lake or even near the farms. You can walk into the farms too, to take pictures. The locals are very friendly.

Snake beware: But beware of the snakes in the farms. I saw 1, when i was there. But it's okay, they should be mostly non-poisonous ones. 

Safety score: It is a safe trip, Unlock safety ratings ( ? /10)

7. How to reach

Car driven: Hyundai Creta.

Extra ride: We also drove to Chikkamagaluru from there also. If we had driven in a car like Ritz, it would be very tiring, and it might not be possible to drive to Chikkamagaluru the same day and reach back Bengaluru. 

2 routes to Halebeedu:

  1. Hassan -> Belur -> Halebeedu

  2. Hassan -> Halebeedu (Take this route via adagur)


Highway condition:

1. Amazing till Hassan.

2. A little poorer after Hassan as it is still under making - as of August 2020.

So I am reducing the score a bit, otherwise its a pretty good highway. In fact very enjoyable.

Things to remember:

Tolls while coming back can get very crowded near bangalore. nelamangala toll.

Reachability Score: Unlock ratings ( ? /10)

8. Conclusion

This is going to be a great trip for sure.  But, how great? Unlock ratings and photos.

How to do the Trip, Complimentary for you:

  1. Trip Highlights: Lush green fields, marigold farms, lake, scenic and picturesque, well rated restaurants and restrooms. 

  2. About the trip: Incredible architecture, cleanliness and greenery. For friends, Family and Solo.

  3. Food joints: Non-veg and Veg lovers heaven along with reviews and map links.

  4. Photo points & things to do: Lake, drive, farms, greenery, Drive to Chikkamagalur, monuments.

  5. Restrooms: Family friendly.

  6. Safety issues: Absolutely safe. Snake alert in farms

  7. How to reach: Map co-ordinates and highway condition provided.

Personal Review: We had a perfect outing. It was a nice drive to get away from Bangalore. The highway drive was perfect, it had tons of flowers. Check Photos.

The restaurants (Check food ratings) and the restrooms en-route were clean (Check cleanliness ratings) and are regularly placed at good intervals.  Petrol stations were available at good distances. The overall trip is safe (Check ratings).

Food joints
About the Trip
Photo points [To Do]
Safety issues
PAID Information

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We tell you its safe. How safe, out of a 10 rating? Check it.

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