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Drive near Bangalore (Free Itinerary - 6 to Kolar)

Read this blog, if you're excited about:

  1. weekend family trip near Bangalore

  2. farm fresh vegetable shopping

  3. having awesome veg and non-veg breakfast

  4. drive on good highway for about 80km (back and forth)

  5. total trip time of about 3hrs from KR Puram (Bangalore)

What will be covered in this blog?

  1. When to start the trip

  2. Breakfast - where , what, and ratings?

  3. Farm fresh vegetables - where, what?

  4. Photo points for flower farms

  5. Add-ons (starbucks, petrol, mc donald's and others)

Let's start your trip.

When to start this trip?

Any trip is best if you start early in the morning, around 8am. Start from your home by around 8am. The best way is to know if you're on time, is to KR Puram station around 8.30am. From KR Puram station it hardly takes 30min to go out of Bangalore city.

If you delay it, it gets hotter. Bangalore city is much more cooler than Mysore, Kolar or other cities that around Bengaluru. So it is better to plan the trip before the sun gets to the top of the skies.

Irrespective of which point of Bengaluru you live in, if you reach KR Puram by 8:30am, then you're on the right track !

How to dress?

This is a chilled-out weekend trip , so do not overly dress up , just jump into those outfits that still keeps you in the weekend mood.

First stop for Breakfast :

Get excited about this first stop ! There's a perfect reason to get excited !

Kolar lies on the Bengaluru - Tirupati Highway. And there are not many non-veg restaurants on the way. There are very good biryani outlets near Hoskote such as Anand Dum biryani etc. But I am not a big fan of them, when i have to venture out with my family. I would love to sit back, relax and eat out in a clean and laid back restaurant, that has clean restrooms as well.

So I have this suggestion for you that serves you a peaceful weekend breakfast !

If you're a veg or a non-veg lover, looking for the eateries as described above, check this restaurant:

Mallige veg and Sri Gandhi Non-veg restaurant.

Here's the location. Location

Here are some Exterior and Interior photos:

This restaurant complex has

  1. Mallige Veg - Separate Veg kitchen

  2. SriGandha Veg and Non-veg

  3. And some living/lodging rooms on top.

Here are the food ratings and photos:

Perfect filter coffee:

Rating: 9/10

Though a little bit on sweeter side, it cannot get better to start your day !

I started my breakfast with a coffee !

Peaceful Naati Koli Masala:

(country chicken masala)

Rating: 8.5/10

Loved this dish, not too spicy , not less either. Good quantity.

Whats the highlight?

Well cooked meat, fresh meat, good quantity of pieces for the price range. You will feel the quality of meat while eating !

Kaali or Kall Dosa:

Rating: 10/10

What best, other than having this soft and well fermented kall dosa with this naati chicken masala, on a relaxed weekend !

Dipping that dosa in the flavorful gravy, gives you a peaceful weekend high !

Kall dosa + chicken gravy = 10/10 , have this breakfast ! if you're a non-vegetarian.

Or they offer thatte idli or puri and other pure veg dishes which are pretty good too.

Thatte idli (no pics):

Rating: 8.5/10

Not a true thatte idli that you'd find in the highway to Mysuru, but it is still good. Thatte Idli goes well with the chicken gravy too.

Orange Juice (no pics):

Rating: 8/10

Have a good orange juice after your breakfast. and finish your meal with a good sweety high !

Mutton Biryani:

Rating: 7/10

(Raita rating 9/10 - mix the biryani with raita, and it tastes much better. The raita has some good flavor to it).

The biryani is not too flavorful, it is pretty light on flavor. If this biryani is mixed with some Masala curry like Naati koli masala, the flavor would further shoot up ! Give it a try !

Whats the highlight? Again, good quality of meat , and good quantities of meat.

Go savour these offerings, keep your belly full and be happy for the rest of your weekend !

Restrooms ratings:

Very well maintained restrooms with handwash soap provided. Both veg and non-veg restaurants have separate restrooms. I would rate them 9/10. Pretty clean and family friendly.

Second stop for vegetables

Do you know? Vegetables to Bangalore and Chennai come from Kolar - near Bengaluru.

So why not buy those veggies farm fresh on the way back, to bengaluru?

And consume them when they're fresh.

A small science detour:

Why Fresh veggies? - Veggies or greens lose their nutrients slowly and gradually as they get old. Old = as they age from the time they were plucked from the roots or trees. So better consume veggies or greens when they're fresh - so you consume more nutrients into your body.

But where do we get these fresh bags of veggies? We are here to help you with the same thing.

Where to buy farm fresh veggies, Location

Landmark: Opposite side of Golden Amoon Resort on the way to Kolar.

Some photos of farmer's local market:

Fresher and cheaper , as compared to Bengaluru city.

Lot of locals on the way to Bengaluru, stop by , grab these freshies ! Are you next?

Time Get to this location by around 10-10:30am, and you will get your fresh dose of veggies for the week for your family.

How much cheaper, i felt by around 30% cheaper than Bengaluru city.

Let's end this healthy dose of veggies here !

Photo points for flowers farms:

Madanapalle is supposed to be producing tons of flowers to Bengaluru and other cities across South India.

And there's some minor influence of it on Kolar. And you can find some marigold fields near Kolar.

Where? between Mallige restaurant and Local farmer's market.

Approximate location: Location

Some photos:

Add-ons (Starbucks, Petrol, Mc Donald's and others)

If you're not impressed with these food choices and shopping points, let us pamper you with more choices to take this trip.

To our surprise , we found this upscale shopping mall type of a venue, that has these:

  1. Maiyyas

  2. Schmitten

  3. Frozen Bottle

  4. Domino's

  5. Baskin Robbins

  6. Shell petrol station

  7. Starbucks (Call before you go, they might be shut)

  8. with restrooms in them

We did not get into them, but we got our petrol filled, from Shell !

Some photos here:

This is worth getting down and visiting.

If your kids want some good dessert, you can get down here.

And Virupaksha temple and other temples near Kolar and Mulbagal. But we are not going to cover them here !


This is supposed to be a 2-3 hour short trip from Bangalore on a weekend.

With Good local breakfast and farm fresh vegetable shopping, with some good add-ons such as flower photo points, and upscale dessert and burger places.

Hope you enjoy this trip ! Let us know your comments and feedback.

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