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Travel To Halebeedu (Itinerary 1)

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

  1. Do you have a good car or a good bike?

  2. Do you enjoy road trips?

  3. Do you enjoy sudden ad-hoc trips?

  4. Woke up in Bangalore or Mysore , and want to do a quick road trip around these cities with families?

Then this blog is for you.

drive-near-by and explore the local cultures !

Flowers marigold, near halebeedu
On the way to Halebeedu, drive-near-by and explore the local cultures !

How the trip started?

Every trip has a motivation. It can be different types:

  1. your friend went there and told you it's nice

  2. you saw some photo somewhere

  3. you don't know where to travel, but you searched on internet for your tastes

and a lot of other factors.

For us, this trip was suggested by our friend, who went there.

Briefly about the trip

This trip is an exciting one , not only because of Halebeedu, but

a trip is about its journey, not about its destination

Experience our full journey/itinerary here.

Explore itinerary + restroom points + instagram photo points + trip safety index and many more for free from above link.

After deciding on the location, we decided to drive to Halebeedu. I have listed a detail itinerary of the trip above. You may check it later.

On the journey to Halebeedu, there are some amazing experiences that we encountered, and i want you to go through those experiences as well.

Drive through

1. lush green fields

2. some area of jungle strip

3. beautiful and huge lake

4. lush green farming around the lake

5. beautiful photography spots

6. highly-rated restaurants ..

7. .. with well maintained restrooms

8. mini-shopping areas

9. beautiful avenue plantations on the highway

10. petrol stations at a lot of places.

A lot more detail about each of the above is present here.

We love sudden add-ons to the trip

As we drove to Halebeedu, we realized we can add Chikmagalur (Chikkamagaluru) as a quick add-on to the trip.

And we drove to Chikmagalur from Halebeedu. That is an amazing journey as well. The drive to Chikmagalur is filled with amazing greenery, lakes, windmills and pleasant weather. We landed at Biker's cafe in Chikmagalur, which had good restrooms, and started our return journey to Namma Bengaluru.

Add-on to chikmagalur is little bit rushing, but you can opt out of it, if you want to return home early.

Car Speed, Timing and Type of Car

We drove a Hyundai Creta on this trip. And the road is pretty smooth, as all the trip takes place on Bengaluru-Mangaluru (Bangalore - Mangalore) highway.

I am a cautious driver and I drove at around 80 kmph most of the times when the road is smooth. Sometimes 100 kmph too, very rarely.

I must say the trip is less tiring because Creta, as a car, is very nice to be in.

We crossed outskirts of Bengaluru at around 10am in the morning, and reached Halebeedu at around 3:30pm. We stopped at many places before Halebeedu for photos or so, hence the delay. We spent an hour in Halebeedu and left for Chikmagalur.

Its an additional 90min drive to Chikmagalur from Halebeedu. We reached Chikmagalur around 5:30pm, and started our way back to Bangalore by around 6pm. And reached Bangalore around 11pm in the night.


It was a fun and green trip to Halebeedu and Chikmagalur as a sudden addition is an icing on top.

I wanted to list more personal details on the blog here.

Check more comprehensive trip details here on the website:

Explore itinerary + restroom points + instagram photo points + trip safety index and many more for free from the above link.

Road trips are fun, and this is for all road trip and drive-near-by fans !

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