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Food trip near Bengaluru- To Hoskote (Itinerary-4)

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

What is in this blog

1. Pics & Food ratings

2. Trip ratings (Restrooms, Cleanliness etc)

3. Map Co-ordinates

4. Best time to go

5. Warning

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Bengaluru loves Break.... Fast !

We drove 30kms to Hoskote to experience this breakfast at MDP Coffee House, Hoskote.

With a spacious, pleasant outside-seating, MDP offers you an incredible and peaceful morning breakfast experience. A perfect start for your weekend !

1. Pics and Food Ratings:

Breakfast Trip with Family

We drove to MDP Coffee house near Hoskote. It has a good spacious seating outside.

And we ordered:

  1. Khara bath - 8/10

2. Lemon tea - 8/10

This lemon tea is supposed to be a very good one here, i checked the google reviews before ordering it and it did not disappoint.

3. idli vada - 8/10

4. SPICY Sambar is the star of the show - 10/10

The spicy sambar is definitely the star of the show, on a cold winter morning, this sambar is definitely a soothing one to serve !

2. Free trip ratings:

  1. Cleanliness of the place - 10/10. Visit this place with your family , and the cleanliness here wont disappoint you !

  2. Restrooms - 8/10

  3. Total trip time: 2hrs if you start from KR Puram Railway Station. KR Puram is the East side of Bengaluru, and the total trip time = time to go + time to come + time to order-and-eat.

    1. Time to go = 30min.

    2. Time to come= 30min.

    3. Time to order-and-eat = 1hr

Family/Single/Solo can go.

3. Map co-ordinates:

The road to the restaurant can be a little small, and hardly 2 cars can go in there. But do not worry, it is a pleasure ride at the end of the day !

4. Best time to go:

Reach there between 7-8am and have a nice peaceful morning breakfast. After 8am the main road near MDP might get more traffic and could be a little noisy. But it is still bearable.

5. Warning:

The route to MDP, after taking a turn from the highway is very small. But do not be disheartened. It is ok. It is a great ride breakfast place once you reach there.

Go have fun with your family.

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